The COVID-19 pandemic will drastically change the functioning of our economy. Organizations across all sectors and of all sizes are facing financial difficulties, resulting in increasing unemployment. Self-employed entrepreneurs have problems finding alternative sources of income. Can we find solutions to help the employers and self-employed? Can we find solutions to help and reduce the economic impact of this crisis?

Problem Expert: Ivan Lesay, Slovak Investment Holding

Examples of problems and challenges you can submit include:

  • Shops face new restrictions that complicate their operation. They have to ensure that there is a limited number of people in their store, check if customers use a face mask, gloves and so on. How can we support them with implementation of restrictive measures and help them to adapt?
  • Several businesses lost the primary source of income. The examples are animation and event agencies, travel agencies, hotels, etc. How can they replace their services? How can they adapt to the new situation?
  • There is a risk that some jobs will, at least for some time, disappear entirely. Simultaneously, new jobs and roles will be created. How can we help people with the requalification process and with the search for new opportunities?
  • The general economy faces significant challenges. How can we analyze the situation and prepare it for a new start?

Existing solutions: