Our healthcare officials together with the medical industry are currently fighting the virus and are trying to find new and better solutions to save lives. Could there be other (indirect) solutions to help individuals stay safe? 

Problem expert: Martin Smatana, Director of the Health Policy Institute at the Ministry of Healthcare, Slovakia

PROBLEM – Connecting intensive care units

Problem owner: Tomáš Brngál

End user: Hospitals, specifically intensive care units (ICU)

Challenge description:
ICU in individual hospitals lack almost entirely a possibility to share information about available capacity in other hospitals. The situation doesn’t allow ICUs to communicate effectively between each other in the case of necessary patient relocation to a hospital with available capacity. The same is true about available ventilators. We could see at the Italy example how important is quick and easy communication between hospitals. Effectiveness can be a key factor to save patients’ lives. 

System/platform that will take into account the actual situation in a hospital

Examples of open challnges:

  • How can we use personal data to help tracking and understanding the corona virus, while empowering the citizen and respecting his privacy? If we can realize this, we can restart our social lives minimizing the chance to get infected. If there was infrastructure that allowed people to share relevant data with the click of a button, we could analyze it to estimate when and where infected people come together with those who are susceptible, we would learn more about the disease mechanism of the virus, and we could follow up the support base for the measures taken, and probably even more.
  • It has always been annoying to wear glasses underneath safety goggles and especially during a crisis where you are not allowed to take off your glasses to relieve your nose and temples from the constant pressure. Next to that people are doing long days and can work up a sweat, this can lead to fogged up glasses/goggles. Poor visibility is definitely not what you want during any medical procedure. Can we find a solution there?